Airplane passengers sitting on the runway

Everywhere I turn, I keep seeing stories about airline passengers stuck on the runway for several hours. Didn’t these airlines learn their lessons from JetBlue’s Valentine’s Day Masacre?

What’s extremely interesting to me is two stories this week from Delta flights, where passengers took videos of their ordeal. The first story is a Delta commuter flight stuck on the tarmac for hours with no air conditioning. See the video here.

The second one (picked up from the consumerist) is well edited and chronicles what is becoming commonplace in the airline industry. Let’s see if these videos prompt change.


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  1. Frank says:

    Don’t count on it. I sat on a tiny Embraer for 5 hours due to ‘brake line failure’. When I asked they take me to the terminal I was told that ‘it shouldn’t be long’. At 2 hours i notified them of my urgency and suggested that we get towed back or have transpoprtation come get us- was told that it is against FAA regulations. I didn’t read anything in their disclaimers stating that ‘my ass was theirs for an indefinite period of time.’ (So put me on another flight or give me the opportunity to catch another carrier.)Know what they offered me for my trouble and a miss of 200k in a business deal? A $100 coupon for another flight on the same airline. I, of course, declined. We are now in litigation and guess what? They want to settle for 50k. Fat chance. I filed for the 200k and the miss on the opportunity for residual income- 400k. I will be pleased to receive 350k. Funny thing is that I could have driven there in 2 1/2 hours… Freakin’ amazing.

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