Northwest Airlines Doesn’t Care

I’m sure that there are still some good employees left at Northwest Airlines, but the ongoing labor battles seem to have taken a toll on the morale and attitudes of the their flight attendants.


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  1. Cheap Tickets B-Us says:

    The True Cost of Cheap Labor. I think that all of those people that want the “Cheapest” ticket they can get, should also find the cheapest Surgeon they can find, when they have their next surgery. $49.99 for Brain Surgery, Always on Time, and they hardly ever lose a patient, as long as the surgeon has had his morning Beer before he starts his day!

  2. scheyney says:

    You are correct that the cheapest doesn’t always mean the best.

    What really makes sense here is to find the win-win scenario for both Northwest as a company, and the employees. Working out the labor problems themselves with help with morale and attitude.

    With this as a given, it seems that the problems with Northwest go much deeper than employee versus management strife. For it to be considered okay for a model of plane to be fixed with paper towels shoved in the vents tells me a little about the currrent Northwest culture.

  3. says:

    While the towells in the vent trick will work in a pinch, the preferred method would be servicing the water seperators located in the aft accessory section at the top of the fuselage; which I would do IF I still worked for NWA, but alas, it is not to be. My 21 years of aircraft maintenance experience has “left the building” never to return. My blood, sweat and tears went into every DC9 in the NWA fleet and as a thanks for my continued diligence and proffessionalism I was awarded with a base closure, a thousand mile relocation, repeated layoff and the final straw, negotiations in bad faith by the company while they recruited replacement (scabs) workers up to a year prior to the eminent strike. Fly em if you want but I value my well being enough not to fly. Good luck and God speed, you will need it.

  4. scheyney says:

    It is very clear that your sentiment towards NWA is felt by those who are still working there.

    Also, thanks for commenting and confirming my gut feeling that there had to be an actual fix to this problem other than putting paper towels in the vents.

    The only time that I fly NWA is when my radio buying advertising agency (based in Minneapolis) books me to fly up there once a year. Otherwise, I prefer either American or Continental.

  5. burnedout says:

    I have been warned by a friend who is a pilot for NWA to NOT fly with them. He’s so worried about the safety of the planes that he has been desperately looking for a new job but in the meantime he has been taking out extra life insurance and documenting EVERY safety violation he sees and keeping copies of every safety report he files. It’s all in a big fat box that is going to the press in the event that a) he gets a new job, b) is fired or c) dies in a crash. DO NOT FLY NORTHWEST.

  6. Sean Cheyney says:

    Smart move on the record keeping. Those planes scare me. They remind me of the old prop plane the team had to ride in the movie “Major League”.

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