Bellagio service has me buzzing

I was recently on a business trip to Vegas for a few days. I had been given a gift of $1000 of gift certificates to be spent at Bellagio owned stores, so I was looking forward to seeing what was available.

Unfortunately, the selection of stores was very limited, but I was able to find a counter of Origins products. After confirming with my wife that she wanted Origins products, I started looking around.

As a typical guy, I know absolutely NOTHING about cosmetics, creams, or lotions. When the cosmetic sales guide offered to help me, it was plainly obvious that I didn’t know what I was looking for. After I called my wife to review some of the products with her, the sales guide offered to get on the phone with my wife to find out what she was looking for and make recommendations.

This incrediblly helpful cosmetic sales guide, Ivette Lamboy, spent nearly 20 minutes on the phone with my wife finding out her needs and making recommendations. This went above and beyond the help I’ve ever received at similar types of store in the past. Ivette not only saved me from buying the wrong products, but make my wife and I both feel like valuable clients.

The result was that I ended up buying over $400 worth of products from Origins for my wife, mother in-law, and even a couple of things for myself. Not only is everyone happy with the products, but I’ve told this story about how helpful Ivette was to several people. If you’re ever in Vegas and you use Origins products, visit Ivette at Bellagio.

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