Service Magic contractor Kwik Klean – bad customer service

Service Magic has generally been a good source of referrals for us. We’ve used them a couple of times in the past for other services, with generally excellent service from the contractors they have referred.

We moved last week (finally) and the first thing we did was have the carpets cleaned and have a cleaning service to scrub the place down before furniture and boxes were unloaded and unpacked. We used Service Magic to get referrals for a carpet cleaner, and after getting estimates and interviewing several companies we chose Kwik Klean ( We chose that company because we were dealing directly with the owner and figured that he would give us good service since it was his own company. We were very, very wrong.

Immediately upon walking through our home, he wanted to charge us more than the agreed upon price for the small baseement space even though it was a room as part of the quote. After settling on the agreed upon price, Bob began to clean the carpet. My wife was surprised that none of the stains came out, and was disappointed that the carpet looked no better than before the cleaning. When I came home later in the day, it was clear to me that the carpet still appeared dirty.

The carpet in the house isn’t new, so we weren’t expected

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  1. redplanet says:

    I think you two need to meet at the White House for a beer with Obama and talk this out. What do you drink?

  2. Denise says:

    What a joke! But if you go to his website and view his pictures, it certainly looks like he works miracles on worse carpets than what he himself has described your carpet to look like. What horrible customer service.

  3. hello says:

    Please read this to the end. I would hope you feel the same way as I do after reading this. Please bear with the beginning. I am stating the worse case scenerio. Not sure if you think I am stupid. I just joined this blog and starting a blog about people like you and looked at the abuse section and you violated the rules on here so I reported this blog to the abuse section and also looked around and what do you think wordpress can do with a recorded ip address? I am allowed to make comments on any blog if I want to and as many as I want to. There is nothing you can do but contact wordpress to have my ip blocked from your blog. ouch that hurts. I have not threatened you in any way. I promissed you that I will sue you for slander and I am going to do just that. I dont care if I win or lose, it will cost you for legal fees and I will get pleasure in that. You have no idea what other talents I have along with knowing computers very well. There is no such thing as post tracking on wordpress. You dont have my ip address recorded, wordpress does. And so what? This is a public forum and if I am mentioned in any way I have the freedom of speech to comment on the public forum on what I have to say. Do you know what the freedom of speech is? Do you even know what a public forum blog is? Do you even know what a submit comments are? Please dont play me for an idiot here. You do not scare me in any way, shape or form. I fight MMA/UFC style part time and trust me a threat from you on the internet does not send me shaking or scare me. Do you really think a judge will rule in your favor that I tried making comments on a blog in a public forum where I have the freedom of speech where you kept deleting my views and opinions and comments? Especailly when you slandered me posting a personal private confidential letter and contact info in public view? You better speak with an attorney at tell them what you did and see where you stand. I will win the credit card dispute. I have the credit card imprinted and a signiture and the service was completed in full. This is within visa rules and guidelines. I also protected myself with waivers and posting no guarantee of any kind on 3 forms. I have 3 signitures from your wife waiving her rights to a guarantee. The prosecuter is awaiting the credit card decision to see if I win or lose. If by some rare odd decision that where I lose that means it is theft of service and the prosecuter will issue an arrest warrant. I will sign the complaint and press charges with the full extent of the law. I will also sue for the lost money in small claims court. You posted this slander then I have the right to comment my side of the story. Freedom of speech. I am also filing suit with my attorney first thing in the morning for posting personal private confidential letters on a public forum naming names and personal/business info. You crossed the line and I have solid proof. I thank you for this blog. I finally got you till this credit card dispute ends. I do promiss you that I do network with all other businesses and I will share my story about you with them all. I will set up web sites, blog, email, send flyers and post wherever I can. I will state facts. How would you feel if I posted everything I knew about you and your family? Like your names, address, emails, phone numbers and credit card info? That would be mean and just a crappy person. How do you think I feel? I did the best I can. The very little charge that you were charged and gave you so much extra for no charge and this is the thanks I get? You also signed a waiver for no guarantee because this carpet was so worn out and heavily stained. So you want to cause damage to me for all of this? What did I do but stand up to you and not be taken advantage of. No matter what I was doing your wife was not happy. There was no pleasing her at all and you know I am right. I could have come back 10 times and she would not be happy. I do hope you win the credit card dispute because I will sign the criminal complaint and love to see you get arrested and pay for an attorney. I cannot believe that you are not taking this serious? You think I am kidding around and just playing here. I dont care if i have to pay thousands in legal fees to collect my money but it will cost you also. Is this what you want? Do you think this is a game? I am willing to drop all of this stupid bs. Take this blog down and stop the dispute. Otherwise you leave me no choice but to use every legal means against you. I will not stop then. Is that what you want? Do you want this matter to continue over something so minor that may ruin someones life, money, reputation and ect? I this to go further. i am sure you have children and a family and would not like to see them affected by any of this bs, would you? I have a family also, you are not hurting me only by slandering my company but you are taking food out of my kids mouths also. Is that what you want? Do you want to hurt me so bad that you dont even think how it will affect someones family? If I lose business and my kids suffer from this, will this make you feel better and that you got the best of me? I will tell you I am not feeling great so far about this. I am sure you would rather be doing other things and the same here. Do you really want to take this to the next level and are you and your family prepared on the consequences? Me personally, I dont want to go to that level. This already has gone too far. In over 30 years of working I have never come across a situation like this. I still cannot believe how hurtfull you both are being. Can you sleep well at night treating people like this? Were you raised like this? I sure was not. I did the best I can for you. I did not rip you off. I would not be able to sleep at night if I was ripping people off. I feel bad when someone is unhappy with my service. But I am sorry but there was no pleasing you both. I am smart enough to know that. no matter what extra stuff I was giving to your wife was not helping or making her happy. Dont you think for a moment if your carpet could come out better that I would have instaed of giving other services out and my cost of that services and the cost of the extra solutions? At that point it was cheaper for me to reclean the carpet than give all that free stuff away. I wish you would have been happy and sorry that I was not able to. I will also apologize for my behavior in all of this. I am not perfect but I do care and have allot of passion for what I do. And this really does hurt. I do wish this will end as adults so we can go on with our lives. We dont ever have to speak, see each other and you dont ever have to hire me again so why keep this up? Nothing but bad on both are parts is going to happen and our families will be affected also in all of this. I really dont want to see your family hurt. All I want is my $300 and to go on my way. Thats it. I am not a huge company and losing a few potential customers would not hurt them but I am a 1 man operation with a family trying to survive in this horrible economy living paycheck to paycheck. So if you think you need the $300 more than me and if you think posting a blog in public view hurting my company makes you feel better than so be it. As I was writing this letter I started finally thinking what is really important in life. Please let me know asap if you want this to end. I will then do what I have to, to survive. Thanks for your time…

  4. scheyney says:


    First of all, this is not a completely open public forum. I’m not the government. It’s my website and I choose to moderate comments just like most blogs do. The website content is focused around customer service.

    All I did was complain about the service we received from your company, and illustrate the email you sent us as an example of how not to respond to a customer. This sort of thing happens every day to all companies big and small for large issues as well as trivial ones. It’s the reason why review sites have proliferated across the internet. Whether we as business people like it or not, it’s a part of business operations in a digital world.

    I work in the advertising / marketing industry and I’ve watched as successful companies revel in complaints because they view it as a tremendous opportunity to turn a bad situation into a good one and gain a customer evangelist that will shout from the mountaintop to promote their company.

    I realize that you’re passionate about your company and your industry. As a business owner, I expect that you eat, sleep and breath your business. It’s what drives success. That’s why I didn’t post some of your earlier responses. We all say or write things that may make us cringe later on (I’ve been guilty of this many times in my business career), and usually it’s an emotional as opposed to a well thought out business response.

    Something to consider… With the ease of sharing things digitally, my wife and I will not be the last ones to complain about your service no matter how good you are. You can be the end all be all of carpet cleaning and you’re still not going to leave a positive impression with everyone. Ironically enough, I just came back from a business conference where I sat on a panel titled: “The New Hyper-sensitive Customer – Approach with Caution.”

    In fact, if you ever do have someone take their dissatisaction out into the digital universe in the future, I’ll be more than happy to lend my expertise at no cost. As a consumer, when I see negative reviews I pay more attention to how a problem was resolved than what the problem itself was. The fact that you’re reaching out now leaves me with a more positive view of how you operate as a business owner. Just my 2 cents, feel free to take it or leave it.

    One thing through all of this I’m still confused by is the credit card thing. We never disputed anything, and in fact the charge did show up on our credit card statement. You may want to double check with your credit card merchant because I not only saw the charge, but paid off the balance from that statement. It’s not in my nature to dispute a bill just because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the service I received. That would be like stopping payment for a meal just because it was a little too spicy for my taste.

    Again, thanks for your note.

  5. Bob says:

    Hello, I just called my bank and my accountant and found out the chargeback was another companies and they mixed it up in my account and all this time I thought it was you. I owe you a huge apology. I am totally embarressed. I spoke with my bank quite a few times double checking over and over making sure about this. I feel horrible and I want everyone to know that there was no credit card dispute by this family. Also can I ask if you can change your blog because as is you posted a private letter which I own the rights to and did not give permission to show the public. I have no problem you telling a story but to post a confidential private letter is not right. Thanks

  6. scheyney says:


    Thanks for your note. I’m glad that you received the money. Although well within my legal rights to keep the email you sent up on the blog, I decided to remove it.

    I’m happy that everyting is resolved, finally!

  7. Bob says:

    Thank you very much! I truly appreciate your understanding and help. Have a great weekend!

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