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Losing control of your process

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Whenever you outsource anything in your business, you lose an apect of control. It’s an inherent risk with outsourcing, which is why chosing a partner is crucial.

I cancelled my Comcast account (triple play – phone, cable, internet) in early December, and switched to AT&T U-Verse due to better pricing along with a more robust product offering.

Part of the cancellation process involves returning the Comcast equipment. I had one cable box with remote and a cable modem to return. Comcast is supposed to send you a couple of boxes via DHL to return the equipment. It’s now been 5 weeks and 4 calls to Comcast, and I still have no boxes.

Last night, I called Comcast for the 4th time and they blamed the problem on DHL, saying that the box order was placed by Comcast and that DHL must have dropped the ball.

Am I frustrated with DHL right now? Well… a little bit, but most I’m mad at Comcast for not taking ownership of the problem and getting me the box so that I can return their equipment.

If DHL really is the problem (the rep wasn’t overly surprised the DHL dropped the ball), why does Comcast outsource to them?

Would you want your brand reputation in the hands of a company that continually damages it?